This Summer I...

I want to use this summer to reinvent myself in a way. I'm eliminating excuses and reasons to be upset at myself & taking control of my own happiness, because no ones going to do it for me ;) This blog is to document every step of the way.

Summer 2012-Present
Whenever I think ‘I can’t do this’ I just think of Beyonce. Dead serious.

Whenever I think ‘I can’t do this’ I just think of Beyonce. Dead serious.

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A good friend of mine is a personal trainer

She is helping me a lot with both fitness and nutrition. I’m becoming a douchy gym-rat. I see it as more of a lifestyle than a challenge so I’m actually enjoying myself and noticing differences. Before and after pictures coming in the future ;)

I got my own apartment with my best friend

When we are finished decorating this summer I’ll be sure to post pictures. My friend is an interior designer and I’ve asked for her perspective on what should be done with it. We shall see! Updates coming soon :)

Summer 2013

I’ve changed my perspective on friendships/how they are created/how I treat people. I’ve realized that there are simply too many friendship opportunities that are blown by shyness and awkwardness due to not knowing how to act in front of certain people. Therefore I’m practicing just being open and nice with people right from the start. No hesitation due to differences in age, social status, financial status, etc. If people are weirded out by how I am, then we probably were not meant to be friends. Also, as much as I love Drizzy’s song ‘No New Friends’ I am very open to meet new people having had this recent epiphany because I think this is how I want people to know me as. I want respect from people and nothing less and I want all of my friends to know that about me. However, I still remain down with my day one niggas.

Little Update

So this semester my life took a rather unexpected turn for the better. I became much more involved at school, as I originally wanted. However that came with so many responsibilities as well as staying on top of five classes and a lab. (Not to use it as an excuse) But it was a real lesson in time management that I needed at this point in my life.

Unfortunately, while working on improving so many other aspects of my life, I was slacking on my health. I was running on such little sleep, so much coffee, extremely unhealthy quick-fix foods, and barely any exercise. I lost weight, only because my metabolism was most likely flipping the fuck out. However, I learned from my mistakes, and I know how I will do things differently this semester. 

Now I am using this winter break to catch up with my health, so I will go into school in January refreshed and practicing good healthy habits, with a new outlook on how to manage my time. 

When I start this blog back up in the summer, I will have a full report on how it all worked out. <3